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Giacomone and its History
Grown up in the exciting, inspiring  and yet demanding world of movies and advertising, Giacomo De Mas has always left aside his love for hospitality.
Only to his family it has always been clear how strong is Giacomo’s wish to welcome visitors and friends.
Each set directed by him in his career as a commercial director was actually an exercise in taste and style: immaculate scenery, refined objects, colors and flowers.
Today all his experience and his love for beauty is dedicated to a cozy Bed & Breakfast on Lake Orta.
In an old farmhouse, the property of his brotherly friend Renato Alfarano, Giacomo warmly welcomes anyone willing to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city.
The recipe is simple: a beautiful natural environment, a warm home full of colours, a glass of wine and, above all, the contagious laugh of Giacomo, make the B & B "da Giacomone" not a place where you would like to come back, but where you would like to stay.
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